7 OF THE VERY MOST Beautiful Mosques WITHIN THE World

Are you a holy person? If you’re, you almost certainly be considering knowing about the most amazing mosques on the planet. Here they can be:

Al Haram Mosque-Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It’s the most well-known worship mosque on the planet. Based on the Qur’an, it is the first house built for mankind to worship Allah. It is the world’s most significant mosque and surrounds Kaaba, the holiest places for the Muslims. The existing structure covers a location of 99 acres and includes both indoors and outdoor praying places. Over Hajj, it can support up to 4 million people.

Faisal mosque Islamabad-Pakistan

It’s the 4th greatest mosque on earth and the largest in the south-east and southern Asia. From 1986 to 1994, it was the largest mosque on the planet before the conclusion of the Hassan II in Morocco. For quite some time, the worship center has been voted among the most beautiful places on the planet.

Sheikh lotfallah-Iran

It was produced between 1602 and 1619 through the reign of Shah Abbas I. Not only is it a worship middle, they have other roles. In addition, it functions as a medical center, royal mint, royal caravanserai, and bathtub.

Taj ul mosque-Bhopal, India

Located in Bhopal, India, Taj ul mosque is also called the crown of mosques. Having a green fa├žade, the worship middle has two 18-storey minarets with marble domes. In addition, it has a bulbous dome, marble floor, and grand hallway. Gleam double-storeyed gateway that has four recessed archways. While its major role is to provide as a mosque, it also doubles as an Islamic university throughout the day.

Wazir Khan-Lahore, Pakistan

It’s found in the northern city of Lahore in Pakistan using one of the busiest streets in the region. The mosque has been position because the 17th century and it is one of the main landmarks in the town. Why is the worship middle attractive is the colors and paintings. Both outside and inside the mosque are fresco paintings and tiles. The paintings feature a variety of colors such as inexperienced, cerulean blue, yellowish, crimson, orange, and cobalt.

Blue mosque-Istanbul

It’s one of the landmarks in Istanbul. It offers of six needle-like minarets and some domes and fifty percent domes. It had been constructed through the reign of the Ottoman ruler Ahmed I between 1609 and 1616. As well as the fascinating domes, the mosque also offers high ceilings displaying 20,000 blue Iznik tiles. The tiles have trees and shrubs and bouquets of differing habits.

Ubudiah-Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

It prides itself of four minarets and a fantastic dome that was created by an English architect, Arthur Benison Huback. Huback created the worship middle at the order of Sultan Idris Mushidul Azam Shah who experienced vowed to create a lovely mosque as a thanksgiving after dealing with a sickness.


These are a few of the most beautiful mosques on the globe. In case you are browsing a city with one of the above-mentioned mosques, please visit it and ingest the impressive beauty.